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Rooftop Communications is a full-service, boutique marketing agency with a client-centric approach to business established in 2003 in Baltimore, MD. The Rooftop team of communications professionals comes from a multitude of backgrounds, bringing individuality and experience to the table.

Barbara Brotman Kaylor is one of the area's leading women in business. Founding CEO of Rooftop Communications, LLC, 2003, Brotman Kaylor's career in Advertising and Public Relations is extensive to say the least. With a history of clients across many industries (both Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business), such as Healthcare, Retail, Non-Profit and Legal Services, Brotman Kaylor remains competitive in her field, constantly expanding her capabilities to proactively exceed and solve the challenges uncovered. Outside of client focuses, Brotman Kaylor takes pride in serving various local institutions in the form of active board membership and mentor programs, including Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business, McDonogh School Public Relations Advisory Board, Towson University Communications Board, and the Mayor's Office of Employment Development.

Rooftop brings a thoughtful manner to marketing, advertising, public relations, and to human beings in general. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships. Different voices, opinions, and influences offer our clients a comprehensive style of service. Understanding the client's needs and determining the proper recommendations is at the core of our work --- the proposed tactics may not always be what the client originally believed they needed, but our experience and research capabilities back up those strategic recommendations, thus the client's return on investment is affected positively.
Clients approach agencies with a problem needing a solution. It's as simple (and as complicated) as that. We bend and flex and stretch our capabilities to fit their varying needs. THAT is the why. Because they come first. However complex or straightforward the charge, Rooftop holds itself accountable for the outcomes on behalf of our clients. We take on their passion and drive as our very own. We develop partnerships. It makes us love coming to work.
Rooftop is located in Baltimore City's quaint Charles Village neighborhood, moments south of Johns Hopkins University, and two miles north of downtown.
We call it home.

Rooftop's IDEAS Process

IDEAS is a collaborative process used to take us through a disciplined approach to strategy. What impacts the client’s business? Who impacts the client’s business? Ultimately this information is used to identify the best positioning, catered to each client’s individual goals.


In the first stage we gather input from the client, industry sources, competitive landscape, executive team, and other key stakeholders who might impact marketing objectives and strategies. The first step ends in a Suspected Positioning Statement, identified objectives, and an initial strategy.


Here's where research comes into play. We need to confirm our suspicions about the business's marketing needs identified in the “I” step, here in the second step. We research attitudes and perceptions of all audiences.

Essential positioning

The Essential Positioning Statement is the single most important message a client wants to convey to its targets. It's the touchstone for all brand messaging and marketing efforts moving forward.

Audience focus

The fourth step uncovers who we are talking to and how we best communicate with them. Once identified, targets are prioritized with respect to goals and budget. We then outline the targeted media strategy to reach them.

Strategic Planning

The end result of steps one through five is a comprehensive Strategic Communications Plan, serving as the foundation for every message pushed to the targets. Paid advertising, unpaid media, social media, events, grassroots communications, web content, public relations, crisis management, and beyond, are all tied to this plan.

Rooftop's Capabilities

Rooftop prides itself on being ‘full-service.’ If the need arises, we tackle it. We confront inevitable learning curves head on, expanding our offerings and services. We step outside of our comfort zone, adjusting to the needs of our clients. We get creative and find integral solutions for the success of the campaign and the health of the account. We are the experts. We are proactive in our approach, always seeking out new, unique opportunities that may stem from original scope but ultimately round-out a client’s experience, campaign outcomes, directly affecting their business goals. Our capabilities, for all of those reasons, are broad sweeping and all encompassing within the sizeable marketing communications umbrella we live and breathe daily.


Creative Development

Public Relations

Media Planning

Strategic Planning

Marketing Research

Digital Marketing

Web Design & Development

Account Management

Broadcast Production

Print Production

Direct Marketing

Collateral Development

Social Media

Internal Comm & Employee Retention


Crisis Reputation Management

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

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