Business-to-Business marketing and public relations at its finest

EMR – The Electric Motor Repair Company

Needs – Strong brand support and outreach for this 90-year-old, 3rd generation family run commercial kitchen equipment service, parts, and installation business.

Solutions – Proactive PR with a side of brand manageament covering the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. A newbie to the media scene, EMR’s rich history tells a unique story of one of the largest service companies since the 1920’s. It’s media candy – and they deserve every bit of “ink” we can garner.


“EMR has wanted to engage a marketing firm to help promote our products for years but wasn’t sure how to begin. As a result of a chance meeting with Barbara Brotman Kaylor, principle and owner of Rooftop, EMR decided to test the waters. We have been extremely satisfied with the results and wonder why it took us so long. Perhaps it had to be the right mix of things which is what Rooftop brings to the dance. They are extremely easy to work with and have become one of us in their thinking and actions, and in saying that have been on the curve, and sometimes ahead of it, with regard to our company’s needs.”

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